Specialists in Headless Website Development Against Leading Composable DXP Platforms

Include Agency is the leading headless web development agency delivering immersive, personalised, and frictionless digital experiences utilising market-leading composable Digital Experience Platforms. We operate in a very structured way, utilising Agile methodologies, DevOps, and development best practices to increase the speed of which we bring projects to market.
Include is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark with offices in both Denmark and Dubai
Our Practices

Our team love nothing more than focusing on delivering best-in-class Sitecore experiences that deliver on the promise of digital transformation through contextual marketing and architected omnichannel solutions. Our experienced team take your vision and through a structured methodology, turn it into a truly transformative experience for your clients which also unleashes the true potential of your marketing team to deliver real ROI. 

As such, we are one of only two local UAE agencies to have worked on Content Hub projects within the region!


Optimizely is a composable DXP platform that consists of several modular or API-first services, which makes the solution highly scalable and extensible. This makes it an excellent solution for adapting to an ever-evolving market and for those who want customisation, security, and high performance.


For any Sitecore XP customers looking to push personalisation to the edge, we are one of the best-placed agencies globally to implement Uniform for Sitecore. Reach out if you would like to learn more about what this entails.

Skills Placement

If you are looking for additional people and skill sets to supplement your in-house teams, we can help. Specific skills include Microsoft’s .NET Framework, JAVA, Frontend Styling, DevOps, and Mainframe based around PL1, COBOL, and DB2.

Website Advisory Solutions

If you are unhappy with your website's performance and other general aspects of your web presence, we are here to help. Our team is particularly adept at analysing the technical implementation, the site architecture, and interrogating the quality of the code to see where performance gains can be found.

Brands We Work With
Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
If you have a new project you would like to discuss or would like help with your current setup, we would love to hear from you. Please complete the following form and we will get back to you shortly.